Just Breathe

Sometimes life comes at us hard. For me, it’s been a rough and tumble couple of months. My work load increased, I moved (2 miles from where I was), my weight increased, free time decreased, and my dog died. It was evident in the bags under my eyes that I was taking this all a bit hard. My boss sent me to a baseball game one afternoon just to get me out of the office. I was drinking wine like fire drinks oxygen. Six hours of sleep a night and right back at it in the AM. Not a sustainable routine. A lot of other minutiae type crap was also happening – but I don’t need to go into it. What I need to do instead….. just breath.

So I will breathe – next Thursday. Specifically. Until then there is too much to do and too much to plan and another couple of months of travel, coordinating, blood, sweat and nails (home improvement projects anyone). But on Thursday, I will breath. I will practice yoga. I will drink lots of water and I will bask in the sun, rain or whatever weather Mother Nature has planned. I will just breath. And you’re invited to join me.


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