Design Hoarding

I love A&E’s show Hoarders. It’s a guilty pleasure – an hour long train wreck you can walk away from feeling better about yourself. But this morning I read an article on about design hoarding and the opening sentence “Did you know you are more likely to be a hoarder if you are a graphic designer than not?” set off a bell in my head.

Yesterday I spend the better part of my afternoon covering the last three of ten shoe boxes with fancy Paper Source paper so I could put them on my new bookshelves and fill them with clutter that was otherwise fighting the Feng Shui of the condo. As a graphic designer, I define my clutter as letterpress business cards; stray paper with interesting fonts, colors, notes or ink; well designed mementos from restaurants or events – you know, clutter. As we accumulate, we tell ourselves we’ll frame this and we’ll store that for future creative inspiration. At the end of the day, it ends up in a shoe box disguised as a work of art.


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