Orange You Glad it’s Tuesday?

Growing up, my favorite color was green – not Kelly green or forest green, but Granny Smith apple green – you know, the color of Kermit the frog. I wore head to toe green on occasion. Looking back, I could have predicted that I was going to grow tired of this color.

Recently, I’ve noticed the color orange has nonchalantly crept it’s way into my life. Under the radar of the other earth tones that I gravitate towards, orange has become the “pop of color” in my home and wardrobe. Once I realized this had happened, I was naturally curious to understand why. I began my search to define the emotion behind the color orange.

Orange – an equal combination of red and yellow – is a high-spirited, enthusiastic and energetic color. It represents creativity and fun. I could have keep digging, but this definition satisfied my curiosity immediately. I began to search my portfolio for orange and immediately found that I have used it in recent work more often than I though. This leads me to believe that Orange entered my life, not so much under the radar, by more directly and with purpose – thanks for joining Orange.


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