Paper Obsessed

This past weekend I hit my threshold for managing special order print jobs. I recently took on some gold foil and letterpress jobs that required me to learn the intricate process of creating such pieces – and in short order (both learning and creating). On Saturday I was done – I did not want to see another letterpress piece of collateral. As I was enjoying the cooler weather in Leesburg, Va., I stumbled upon the recently opened Haute Papier at 21 Wirt Street. As I walked in, I noticed a calm come over me – beautiful paper greats you, letterpress cards and coasters await and a collection of personal stationary is on display. The shop is small, but intimate and I felt renewed in it’s atmosphere.

I’m sure any paper store would have had this effect. Between the store, the antiquing and a wine bar or two, my attitude was revived and I returned home to work on my next paper project. What I learned about the projects I took on and the renewed energy I received from the paper store is that paper and print are my love, my passion. I may get frustrated with a client or project, but in the end, the elegance of marrying a concept with the right paper and print method is extremely satisfying.

I have a button on my wall that says “Paper Obsessed”. I could not have said it better myself.


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